Ala Vjioor – A3 (Video, 2019)

“All music was computer generated without any human manipulation. The sounds were chosen without any knowledge of how they would interact together, letting the algorithmic approach create combinations freely. The only editing involved was stripping away certain layers as to make the pieces more breathy & subtle, thus the nature of the title (Complexities of...

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Store Update

New label releases are now available to order: Yolabmi -Dear (Madriguera017), Yosuke Tokunaga - 8 Furnitures (Madriguera018), Burnt Probe - Corresponding Exits (Madriguera019) Here are some recent additions to our distro section: Eliane Radigue - ŒUVRES ÉLECTRONIQUES 14CD Boxset restock (INA-GRM), June Chikuma -Les Archives LP (Freedom To Spend), The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time Stages 1-3 3CD (History Always Favors The Winners), Pedestrian Deposit - Dyers' Hands CD (Monorail Trespassing), and Simon Scott - Soundings CD (Touch)...

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