Albert Mayr – BRDO CD (ANT12)



It started again the CDR series of ANTS, with a historical name
of our catalog: Albert Mayr.
This work dates back, like the previous SOUND ENVIRONMENT
of the same series, to 1978.
A research project on a hypothesis of a “community rhythm”
well described by Gillo Dorfles in his notes of the time:
“The time-space-musical analysis performed by Albert Mayr in
February 1978 in the tiny village of Brdo, in Istria, is the result
of long meditations and deep practical experiments
conducted by the young Tyrolean musician during the last
years, and well illustrates a dimension – unusual in many
aspects – of a aesthetic-anthropological approach.”
The Mayr’s survey describes the rhythms of small community
not only in social function, but search and highlights its
aesthetic traits.

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