Alethe/Moscow Moon/Sapporo Sun – Untitled (Holy Geometry 014)



In just over a year Russia’s Alethe has quickly made a name for himself on European tape labels Perfect Aesthetics, Strange Rules, Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere and, with another release this very month, Archive (formally Autumn Archive).

His noisy but beautiful and melodic textures are ever-present here and are complimented on this tape’s B side with a debut from Moscow Moon / Sapporo Sun (a collaborative project between Viktor Zhigulskiy (Alethe) and Japan-based American musician Justin Gambino).

Moscow Moon / Sapporo Sun retains Alethe’s delicate distortions whilst adding touches of Gambino’s guitar into the mix.

Alethe (Side A)

1. Twisted Chain
2. Dissonance City
3. Inversion Trail In The First Rays Of Sun

Moscow Moon / Sapporo Sun (Side B)

1. Supports Your City
2. Pink Ise Bay
3. Canadian Prince
4. Disrupt

Cat: HG014
Additional spoken word on Supports Your City: Brandon Bauschke
Photography: Viktor Zhigulskiy and Justin Gambino
Additional source material: Ryan Kent
Design: Ryan Kent


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