Alex Twomey ‎– The Entertainer LP (Recital Fifty Eight)



The Entertainer is Alex Twomey‘s first album since 2012. Many have been waiting and finally, here we are! During the silence, Twomey’s keyboard work has germinated into a more framed compositional structure, beaming with orchestral strings, woodwinds, and brass; eleven cinematic settings and bouncing refrains mark this LP. Alex describes the album as, ‘vignettes alluding to a vague narrative regarding one’s idea as an artist.’ A somber beauty is penned. Alex previously recorded as Mirror To Mirror, and operated the record label Jugular Forest from 2004-2012. I first met him in 2010 during a large concert in Santa Cruz, CA. Alongside Twomey, myself, Kyle Parker(Infinite Body), Matthew Sullivan (Earn), Pedestrian Deposit, Mike Pollard, and Peter Friel performed that night. Alex’s performance was a thick ocean of chords, a penetrating grace that I can still recall. Everyone has since bloomed from the ambient roots of that time in their own way. Alex has held onto utilizing the keyboard, albeit as a tool to build a larger musical world, a legend to the map. On this album the melodies dance as twinkling bulbs along a retired parade float. A dark comedy, a tragic smile, love found in the rough of it all. Twomey is currently studying composition at Occidental College in Los Angeles” —Sean McCann, April 2019. Edition of 250, includes signed postcard.


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