Black Mecha – Star ’round Cane CS (Mdrgr-020)



Madriguera is proud to present a cassette reissue of this now out-of-print recording by Black Mecha originally released as a CD-R by Internal Masonry Publications in 2017. Black Mecha is a hard to categorize project from WOLD’s mastermind Fortress Crookedjaw, drawing influences from Techno, Old-School Rhythmic Noise/Industrial, and Black Metal to create his unique vision of Mentation Electronics. Previous releases can be found in labels such as “The Death of Rave”,”Internal Masonry Publications”, “Profound Lore Records”, and “Independent Woman Records”.

“The mentation electronics from Black Mecha – Star ‘round Cane incite sharpened aural points for rumination in celebration of the five-pointed star of Internal Masonry.”

Limited to 50 copies. Each copy comes individually wrapped. Tapes don’t include a download code, but if you order a copy and note it I’ll gladly send you one.


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