Charles Barabé – La Révision CD (AO_011)



La Révision is a sound work composed by Charles Barabé.

In 2003, the composer recorded a series of sound explorations with the help of an electric guitar equipped with a single string (.046) and modified frets. The context at the time did not allow him to play at high volume, therefore 12 relatively quiet tracks were recorded on a Roland VS-840. Each one of the tracks were finalized in less than 24 hours and then archived on optical discs to be put aside.

Nearly 14 years later, Barabé found these recordings. He will use them as a sound source to test different configurations of modular effects. This exercise leads him to reappropriate his own samples and to make, as its title indicates, a revision.

By modifying and adding new elements to the original audio source, Barabé creates a work that defends the value of the archive and conservation. La Révision is a methodical work, but also a circumstantial meeting between the past and the present.


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