City Medicine ‎– Argentine Dogs CS (Regional Bears 24)



Don’t worry, Argentine Dogs is not someone tiptoeing around town, hoping for the memory card to get juiced with precious world sound (not on this label, they wouldn’t dare). City Medicine has a tightly wrapped consciousness, a distinct appetite for colorful events, and a healthy amount of dirt beneath the fingernails. There’s an autonomy of the subjects and innate gristle of the medium which makes any fancy stuff seem gauche, unthinkable. The documents burn fast, straight down the middle. Think Musical Experiences reimagined by Bruce Russell. I hear a familiar domestic scene one might find in the home video collection of batchmate Darksmith: what sounds like someone getting an awful haircut, only the busted camera is on a serviceable tripod. There’s a humble, brutish grace here, which Chris Donaldson has become very skilled at putting into practice. It’s the equivalent of someone uprooting an unidentified piece of vegetation they found growing out back, throwing it directly over a pretty serious flame, pivoting a moment later, maybe saying “try this”, and shoving the charred delicacy straight into your maw. It’s a savory sixteen minutes, and that’s all you really need. Not a thing more.


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