Faithful – Truthless Repro Faith CS (ANM040)



“Nothing more than faith in powers implanted in me” – Philip K. Dick, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch

“Today’s alien discontinuum…operates not through continuities, retentions, genealogies or inheritances but rather through intervals, gaps, breaks. It turns away from roots; it opposes common sense with the force of the fictional and the power of falsity” – Kodwo Eshun, Operating System for the Redesign of Sonic Reality

The Exceptional Corporation, known as E Corp. WorldWide, maintains sovereignty over a super-majority stake in the remaining Earth-Virtual Markets. By virtue of this monopoly, E Corp. WorldWide’s ‘Virtual Reality Faith’ (VRF) allows for a patching together of a sort of distributed consensus network of control over almost all virtuality. However Truthless Repro Faith, a rogue cyborgian virtuality, has spawned as a transmissible VRF hack enabling increasingly more cyborgs to operate around E Corp. WordWide’s dominant VRF networks. Truthless Repro Faith attempts to decode and deprogram E Corp. WorldWide’s self-reproducing VRF ahead of itself, consisting of a sort of conscious subconsciousness, a wetware installed as at best a virtual force field and at worst a futile rebuttal to E Corp. WorldWide which has fully overflowed all hives, networks, and nodes of information flow.


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