HRNS ‎– Naomi CS (W001)



‘Naomi’ – the debut album by Portuguese duo HRNS – flickers gently between vulnerability and security, between being here and being there. This is music for contemplative, tired moments, when the immensity of space seems most striking. And as planes continue to fly over our heads, we all slowly drift further and further apart. But not everything is lost; perhaps our paths will cross again one day.


“There’s an impressionistic worldview behind this music, as if the listener is drifting through the world helplessly, surrounded on all sides by a hurricane of emotions every day. HRNS extract a mountain of suggested meaning and feeling from some relatively simple elements, presented calmly and patiently for you to soak up. Set aside some time to stick this one in the ghetto blaster after dark, and have a long, slow think.” – Tristan Bath, The Quietus

“HRNS achieve a complex serenity often lacking in contemporary ambient music.” – A Closer Listen

“A darkly glowing ambient delight…(which) offers sparkling meditations that shimmer like newly cracked geodes, dense and beautiful all at once.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“While primarily concerned with the insularity of people in our semi-virtual world, they seem to give voice to something much deeper. Something older. Something universally human.” – Pop Matters

“…an intriguing and flawless pursuit of detachment and closeness. There is an inherent sentimentality to their work. A beating heart in the cavity of the machine. Artificial Intelligence learning empathy.” – Tome To The Weather Machine


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