Kajsa Lindgren ‎– Everyone Is Here CS (WW003)



At the core of ‘Everyone is here’ lies Kajsa Lindgren’s usual process, defined by one simple question: “How can you make something of your own by manipulating time and space?” The Swedish composer joins Warm Winters Ltd. after recent releases with Hyperdelia (WOMB, 2018) and Longform Editions (Undercurrents, 2019).

This album’s 20 tracks are based around archival recordings that Kajsa stumbled upon in her parents’ old basement and around memories of places or sounds from her childhood. Slowly, the album moves through time, at first reinterpreting recordings from the 60s and 70s, eventually showcasing some of Kajsa’s latest compositions for voice and field recordings. Some pieces utilise very specific recordings – “Trio for cello, piano and violin” is based on an audio snippet of Kajsa’s “mother, uncle and grandfather making an appearance as a trio in Swedish radio sometime during the 70’s” – while others – “Anna”, inspired by memories of the Lindgrens’ family boat called Anna and the sensation of being rocked to sleep by the Baltic sea waves – are more related to memories, places or objects.

But ‘Everyone is here’ isn’t a mere timeline of sounds or melancholic dive into previous decades. The album is a meditation on themes of inheritance, family and closeness. The composer describes the process of collecting old sonic material as “comforting”, especially in relation to her relationship with her grandparents, parents and family friends. “[The process] has given me an intimate understanding of them as human beings. We’ve all been kids, becoming adults. Trying to figure out who we are, what we want, what makes us happy and sad in life. There’s a great sense of connection and humility in that.”


“Everyone is here follows a scrambled surreal narrative. Like a cassette that has been recorded and rerecorded over hundreds of times, the composer sequences archival sounds in dreamlike order and sweetens them with her own recordings and voice.” – The Wire, Issue 432

“The present and past intertwine beautifully on Kasja Lindgren’s Everyone is here, a deeply personal album edited from old family tape recordings the Swedish composer found in her parent’s attic. The album’s soft, fractured flow makes each out-of-time snippet of murmuring voices and birdcalls drift like fading memories on a warped home video. Lindgren never treats this as the endpoint though, which is where it differs from something like The Caretaker’s slow waltz into oblivion. The high points on Everyone is here burst to life like some forgotten moment restored by an unexpected sense-memory. Euphoric peaks rise out of nowhere on songs like the breathtaking “Endings” or “Trio for cello, piano and violin.” The latter comes from a radio performance by Lindgren’s mother, uncle, and grandfather and in her crumbling edits, she updates it, creating a quartet that spans time and space. It’s a sensation she sustains throughout—the feeling that by handling these memories as carefully as you would a family heirloom, she’s transformed them into new ones of her own.” – Bandcamp Daily

“Memory and reality blur in the ambient music of Kajsa Lindgren. The Swedish composer sends sonorous strings and piano through echoes of the past.” – NPR Music

“The twenty tracks bleed into and over each other, and the time travel effect of diving into archival sounds is swapped out for a criss-crossing and tangled genealogy. Old and new interleave, like flipping through a family photo album that got dropped on the floor, photographs spilling all over, then thrown together in a new and beautiful order that’s anything but chronological.” – The Quietus

“…elegantly abraded, like unearthed artifacts restored to their original luster. ‘Everyone is here’ is a testament to the flow of time. To nestle comfortably in the family tree is to feel as safe as a bird in a nest, warmed by the morning sun.” – A Closer Listen

“The narrative potential of the archival recordings’ vintage patina is typified in the excellent ‘Trio for cello, piano and violin’, a track based on an audio snippet of what Kajsa explains is her “mother, uncle and grandfather making an appearance as a trio in Swedish radio sometime during the 70’s”.” – FACT

“A weightless record.” – SPEX

“(The composer) explores the essence of human beings while following her childhood memories.” – Waltz Tokyo

“Plunderphonics executed with love and respect. It’s striking how much emotion Lindgren is able to communicate with her work… both deeply personal and resonant.” – The Moderns

Airplay by Pacific Notions (KEXP), Alien Jams (NTS), Bandcloud (Dublin Digital Radio), FOIL (Internet Public Radio), The Colour8 WashOut (Resonance FM), Seven Radio w/ Andrew PM Hunt (Melodic Distraction), Sterrenplaten (Radio Scorpio)

Composed and mixed by Kajsa Lindgren
Mastered by Sean McCann
Painting by Jörgen Lindgren
Cover artwork design by Richard Greenan
CD and cassette design by Anne Lippert, David Stichling
Photography by Hampus Andersson & from family archives




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