Kassel Jaeger ‎– Le Lisse et le Strié LP (LTNC017)



“A new work by François J. Bonnet — the director of INA GRM — deconstructing the binarity ‘smooth’ and ‘striated’. ‘If ‘smooth’ is linked to ‘nomos’, within an open space of organic distribution, then ‘striated’ is associated with ‘logos’, as a kind of gridded enclosure. An interplay is mapped out, whereby pulsations become textures and layers, and where rhythmic elements are teased from the qualities and densities of sounds, rather than deployed as pre-determined sound objects in their own right, abstracted and frozen onto a temporal grid. ‘Striation’ is made audible only through the sonic landscape it inhabits, in the same way that animal camouflage comes alive in the woods and long grass, becoming redundant and inert out in the open.'”


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