Les Temps Barbares / Jake Hanna ‎– Split Cassette (Controls & Functions ‎01)



REGULAR EDITION limited to 4 copies! Includes the cassette only. Exclusive distribution by Madriguera


Jake Hanna and Pablo Dodero (Les Temps Barbares) have been informally experimenting with sound and visual art for the past year while residing in San Diego. It is a border town that is segmented into boroughs by long freeways and intersections. The city feels like one and many. As one inhabits it, layers unfold revealing memories of compelling artists and their work. The city holds secrets and hidden gems that lay dormant, ready to be discovered. This release is the debut for the label Controls and Functions under the curation of Hanna. It is compendium of shared appreciation for music, objects, and visual references using San Diego as a backdrop.




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