Masahiro Takahashi – Omnipresent Windows CS (JJ017)



‘Omnipresent Windows’ is a tape full of free flowing sounds from Masahiro Takahashi and his glowing pacific diary. Dusty bells, non-pathetic guitar strumming, dreamy flute melodies and synth chords, surtout a lot of micro-memories.

You may find yourself sleepwalking in some early Beat Takeshi movie, surely the ones that play out close to the beach: awkward smiles and some teenage love drama followed by new friendships. Mellow tronic for the golden hour.


1. Light from the window
2. Views from the car window
3. Kitsutsuki
4. Pursuit of beauty
5. Cloud bed
6. Song from nowhere
7. Dive deeply
8. After the ecstasy
released November 5, 2018

MUSIC by Masahiro Takahashi, recorded in April and May 2018.
MASTERED by Chihei Hatakeyama
LAY OUT by Jj funhouse.
RISOPRINTED at Risiko Press.

Comes with a unique download code and is limited to 200 hand numbered pieces.

Listen to ‘Cloud bed’ here:


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