Joseph Sannicandro – I Always Worked CS (Dinzu Artefacts DNZ47)



“Alea Iacta Est” is a two-channel work, which can be listened to separately or together. It was exhibited at IKLECTIK 4–24 October 2019, as part of Morley College London’s The Engine Room International Sound Art Competition.

My father is deaf in one ear from an adolescent accident. He worked as a printer from 1969 until his retirement in 2015, and as a result his good ear suffers from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

The left channel simulates NIHL and is composed from recordings made in the New Jersey press room where my father was working at the time of his retirement.

The right channel is a collage of the 1969 draft lottery and cassette recordings of my father’s father (in 1988) musing on work, war, and fathers and sons.

“A digito cognoscitur leo” is comprised of processed and unprocessed press recordings, with some brief dialogue from my father.

Dedicated to my grandfather and father, 
Alfonso and Leonard SannicandroThanks to Scanner, Kate Carr, Eduard Solaz, Camilo Salazar, Matthew Gardner, and Joe McKay


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