R. McLaughlin – Eulalia Cs (KM014)



Originally scheduled for release last year – that fell through, and I put it aside, not sure what to do with it. Revisiting it, I like it as a standalone work and a collection of musical approaches from roughly 2015 – early 2018. The time passed also adds a veneer of distance and mystery – how did I make this? What are these songs called? Some answers may be revealed after a deep dive into an external hard drive, others are lost to the semi-functional chaos of my digital archive.

Guitar, synthesizer, production – R. McLaughlin
Recorded at home between June 2015 – April 2018

<3 to Lorraine, the cats, and listeners near and far.

Dedicated to Agnès Varda, who would have been 92 this May 30th, and who, through her boundless regard for others and herself, certainly was well-spoken.
“Windows, 1977” inspired by the Jacob Lawrence painting “Windows” (1977).


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