Roberto Crippa – SELENIC CD (PRTLS015)



In the 4 years since Italian born, London based artist Roberto Crippa released his acclaimed album ‘Reverse’ on We Can Elude Control, Crippa has been lurking amongst London streets at night slowly developing alchemical thoughts which would cast the 10 shadows that make up ‘SELENIC’.

Whereas ‘Reverse’ can be viewed as an introspective album constructed as a set of individual audio ‘objects’, ‘SELENIC’ is an album gazing out into the world, relentlessly exposing and toying with its very fabric. Painstakingly assembled over a number of years ‘SELENIC’ is an album of immense power and subtly conceived amongst the silver reflections witnessed amongst the silent lustrous environment that surrounds us all at night.

A visceral auditory experience rendering itself from the numerous collapsed and recomposed forms of quantified electronic outlay: rhythm, ambience and concrete all configured to construct an amorphous narrative based work where each piece unfolds as a mutated container of previous identities.

Distinctive in development, design and execution SELENIC stands as a solitary gesture of Crippa’s idiosyncratic experimental research.


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