Shuta Yasukochi ‎– In Full Bloom – Themes For A Better Tomorrow Vol. 1 CS (VAKNAR 19)



Shuta Yasukochi is an artist from the Konagawa prefecture in Japan.

‘In full Bloomʼ is Shutaʼs first outing on Vaknar, it sees the artist readapt the nature themed formula found in previous works, both sonically and in name, while expanding on the thematic by presenting the album in a story like arc, slowly unfolding throughout the duration of the album.

Thus, ‘In Full Bloom’ is most aptly experienced in its entirety, revealing the albums mediative like properties as the listener is slowly enveloped in Shutaʼs graciously rippling compositions; glimmering chimes and faint strings quietly protrude through layers of serene, reflective ambiance.


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