Sound Kite Orchestra – The Venice Session CS (Dinzu Artefacts DNZ48)



Can we make the wind sing?

Can a musical orchestra collaborate with a natural phenomenon?

It can.

The Sound Kite Orchestra (SKO) is an international symphony of musicians, composers, sound artists, and video artists conducted by Florian Dombois.

The collective used Dombois’ invention “Triple Instruments”— which connects a string instrument on the ground to an airborne kite. The string is moved by the wind and the kite. Through the string, sound waves are transmitted from sky to earth.

SKO held its first 5-day-workshop in Venice, Italy, exploring the possibilities of playing with the wind. The diverse seven-member orchestra from 3 continents (Asia, Europe, America) tested and improvised on San Nicoleto Beach, resulting in a public performance at noon on Sunday, April 28th, 2019.

During the Venice workshop, recordings were taken but unfortunately not cataloged as to which artist was performing or which instrument was being played. As a result, the orchestra members decided to share the raw recordings and each constructed their own track.

The event was supported by Zurich University of the Arts, in cooperation with Biennale Urbana, Venice, Italy.

Sound Kite Orchestra is:
Florian Dombois (track A2)
Kaspar König (Track A3)
Luke Martin (TRack A4)
Fabian Gutscher (Track B1)
Vivian Wang (Track B2)
Tini Aliman (trackB3)

Photography by U5


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